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Welcome to Cortland Floorcraft where, since 1954, finishing touches to your home and workplace have been our primary focus. Cortland Floorcraft offers a complete selection of floor coverings and kitchen and bath products. We have a dedicated designer on staff who can create an entirely new kitchen or bath or work on any part of your current design. Our diverse staff and installation crew make almost any job seem easy. We invite you to visit our 10,000-square-foot showroom to see and touch samples and products. We also suggest that you take product samples with you to view in the lighting and environment of your home or job site.

Cortland Floorcraft is both a supplier and contractor, so builders feel comfortable sending clients to us. They know we will inform clients and help them select cabinetry, fixtures, counter tops, ceramics, carpeting, and hardwood and laminate flooring to make each home appealing for today's and tomorrow's market.

A major part of the home improvement business is rejuvenating your home. With customer satisfaction in mind, Cortland Floorcraft guides you through every step of your project and ensures that the job turns out as good or better than expected. Cortland Floorcraft enjoys a challenge and is ready to tackle any problems that might arise. So bring all of your flooring, kitchen, and bath needs to Cortland Floorcraft and discover a great solution!